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    Traveling for pleasure, business, vacation, etc. is sometimes synonymous with stress or worry when it has to do with preparing your luggage for your trip. We take everything under consideration so your flight can be as enjoyable as possible. Things like the weight of the luggage, prohibited items, and all of the airline regulations are reviewed beforehand so you can remain stress-free!

  • Efficient service

    Our innovative and exclusive “At-Home” baggage protection service is the perfect, effective and safe answer for all of your needs when traveling. Let us offer you our services so you can enjoy your trip in total tranquility

  • Protect your luggage

    Every time that you travel you should take care of your luggage. Travel without worry. We offer you a complete service for your luggage that will guarantee that your belongings will remain safe and easily identifiable throughout your entire trip.

  • Looking for your luggage?

    Don’t let your luggage get lost among the rest and avoid having to search for “needle in the haystack” in the crowded airport luggage claim areas.

    With our exclusive service you can prevent these inconveniences because your luggage will always be clearly recognizable.


The group of professionals and skilled people who make “America's Traveler Services” a reality, are available to serve in a timely manner in order to meet any of your travel needs.

The perfect combination of experience and technology enable us to offer innovative services.

Give us an opportunity to lend you our services so we can we show you that we are capable of meeting your needs. This will also allow us to continue our ongoing quest to exceed the expectations of individuals and companies that require our services.

We will be grateful if we can have you as a part of our active and growing list of satisfied customers.

"A couple of my friends recommended this service and I experienced how excellent it was, first hand. On our way back to Buenos Aires, it was great not having to worry about the safety of our luggage since they took care of everything."–Macarena G.

"This is my third time using this service and I'm not going to stop recommending it any time soon! Every time that I come to Miami I contact the people of this company to book  the service in advance and have my luggage protected and unmistakably identified."–Julio E.

"The service that I received from the folks at ATS was incredible. It was extremely convenient to have them come up to our hotel room and get our bags prepared for our trip. They even helped us avoid extra fees for excessive weight. It felt great to leave for our trip 100% sure that our luggage would be protected."

–Esteban H.